Bajo. (2)

That particular day, we set off rather late from our hostel in Labuan Bajo. This might either be because by some blissful ignorance or that good of a sleep (I was top bunk but man that 4 hour slumber was actually one of the best I’ve had), all 70 of us forgot that there ain’t gonna be a cute little shuttle bus waiting to pick us up to go to the harbor! So, I took that well-loved Eiger backpack on my shoulders and we walked through the chilly 6 o’clock seaside morning. Countless diving centres were opening, the owners greeted each other and I saw one tourist with her tousled hair sipping some tea outside one of the centres that were also a hostel. Despite the weight on my back, it was […]

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Bajo. (1)

As I’m writing this back in Jakarta, my head is still pulsing from the last boat ride in Labuan Bajo… Yes, for the past 3 days, I’ve had the incredible chance to have my dreams of stepping on Labuan Bajo amazingly materialized with the accompaniment of 1000 Guru. Founded in 2012, 1000 Guru or A Thousand Teachers is both a non-profit and a passionate community of young souls that care about education and the millions of children in remote and challenging regions who deserve it. And sometimes, they squeeze some traveling in between! My good friend from college, Farah, encouraged me to come and my wanderlusting self absolutely didn’t want to miss that opportunity. In the end, a staggering 70 people went aboard this trip. During the morning of the […]

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On Friends and Survival

On Friday, I spent the night after work eating at a mall food court with a good friend from university, Fahma. But first let me just notify you of one thing. In a big city like this, ironically, places  to catch up with friends and loved ones are limited with malls coming down as the easiest choices. No, really, there’s a math involved in making plans here in Jakarta (yes) even from the night before! You would have to calculate what time you had to wake up in the morning. Plus, there’s a big chance that you will contemplate getting up a few hours earlier than usual so you could get off work earlier to avoid traffic. Then, if you’re meeting someone in a restaurant, a reservation is kind of […]

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