On Early Starts and The Paper Menagerie

Like I said, over the past few weeks, I’ve been starting my days quite early. Well, perhaps not a 5-am kind of thing going on because I’m not there yet. However, this is my current take on it, one that’s been prepared around my class schedule at the moment. During weekdays, I usually would get going at around 8 ish after a shower and putting my face on. On that note though, I haven’t been wearing any base products such as my under-eye concealers and powder which is rather freeing. Then, I would enjoy a cup of joe, scroll through Instagram for a bit, do my morning pages and brainstorm for blog posts. Mind you this is a great improvement for me because usually, I would be okay with rolling […]

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Updates from a Balcony

Hi all! Just would like to post a short update and a sort of train of thought at this moment now that my brain is now pretty much on full gear after doing my morning pages in my journal. Uni has been really great so far with all the fun discussions and brainstorming in class. Of course, class readings are really stacking up but I feel like I’m relatively on top of things which is quite the improvement because consistency and effort have been the two most challenging habits to maintain for me. That’s right, I’ve never been troubled in admitting to this, so I’m going to try my best to get myself together and not be distracted by so many things too much. This should be quite manageable now […]

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Cozying down with Kopi Seduh

When did I start loving coffee? Well, ever since university really back in Yogyakarta. Despite all that you’re seeing today, the coffee culture was already pretty strong there, particularly strong because Yogyakarta was literally called the student city. There are more schools and universities that your fingers and toes can count, which means there’s a constant flow of students and their demanding assignments to be done. As a result, a good cup of joe made the one good accompaniment to keep themselves sane through all the deadlines. It was around 2012 and 2013 back then, but Jogja already so tastefully catered to our desperate needs to stay motivated and awake while working on our tasks!┬áThere were so many chains, from cozy, cutesy cafes to rustic joints with an unbelievably wide […]

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