If It Wasn’t on Social Media, Did it Actually Happen? Welcome to Post-Reality!

On a lecture/seminar, our professor, Prof. Melani Budianta talked about our digital world with social media, and the disturbing spread of bogus news or information, or what we call now as hoaxes. Her answer, was the democratization of media over the years, particularly in Indonesia. Then, she reminded us that the only way to keep our sanity intact is actually by protecting our humanity. With that idea in my mind, she concluded the talk by encouraging us to keep the love of literature alive because it helps us to think critically. It was a brilliant talk, and it made me proud of the academic field I’ve chosen all these years. But for this post, I’d like to express one particular concern over this phrase that Indonesian netizens have been relentlessly […]

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…is now where I’m going to start and end my daily routines. If grasping a new rhythm in Jakarta was one thing, I’m now adjusting to a new one back in Bogor. Nevertheless, I’m feeling quite blessed beyond measure right now because, at the end of the day, I get to rest under a roof of a house my mother has passionately rebuilt. She’s also adjusting to a new set of habits right now while happily being away from Jakarta’s migraine-fueling traffic all the way in Alam Sutera, and I do hope that this will refresh us and help us grasp new outlooks on life. Anyways, here’s what I’ve been loving so far about being back home, and how drastically different it is as opposed to Jakarta’s chaos. 1. Being […]

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Currently Reading… Gentayangan by Intan Paramaditha

If I could pack two things I love to for my own type of bliss, it would be literature and travel. Just like what I’m indulging in with the current book I’m reading right now by Intan Paramaditha called Gentayangan. Translated into English, gentayangan literally means to roam about, never being in one place, and always searching. This is exactly the type of experience mbak Intan presents with her novel, that we can pick whichever way our choices lead us along with our red sparkly shoes. To me, she is breaking boundaries with this book, packaging a “Choose Your Own Adventure Tale” with feminist spunk and touches of folklore that doesn’t throw you off. I read an interview that she did with Vice Indonesia, where part of breaking boundaries is through her notion of […]

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