Your Focus Needs More Focus

I can’t believe it was three whole years ago that I went to Myanmar, a country that I have come to think is embedded in my veins. It gave me bits and pieces of who I was going to become today. I am suddenly hit with the memory of being at the Mahagandayon Monastery in Amarapura (which means “City of Immortality”). Everyday at 10.30 am, the monks would gather to get their Swan (meal). When I came a few minutes before that, the monks were at their own peace, focused on whatever it is they were doing and when it was time, they quietly formed two lines, and an array of maroon from their robes came before my eyes.

cIt was so peaceful to be there, and right now it’s making me think of my own life and how some events that have unfolded is making me want to shake myself vigorously and say “what on Earth were you thinking”, and erase all the impulsive decisions┬áthat made me greedy, out of my mind which eventually to destruction – ┬ábut to which I know… I can’t. It has already happened. So I want to find that inner peace, that focus and find ways to be content with enough.