Woman Crush

So, 2 nights ago a local tv channel played this film called Sang Penari or The Dancer, an adaptation from a book called Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk by Ahmad Tohari. The main character Srintil, is played by none other than Prisia Nasution who’s probably my favourite Indonesian actress.

She just doesn’t take any role, it’s always something new, or challenging for her and another one of my favourites was the movie Sokola Rimba, where she had to portray Butet Manurung. Butet spent years in remoted or isolated places in Indonesia to provide alternative education for indigenous people there and the movie is about her first school for the Orang Rimba society living in Jambi, Sumatra. Sokola Rimba is such an inspiring movie for me and just speaks female empowerment which is more than just a bonus for me.

It was such an inspiring movie and I could see how certain challenges we can find in nature drove her as an actress for this role. She was just so natural in that movie and besides unique and sometimes risky roles, that’s what I love about her. Her simplicity. She wears minimal if not little makeup, but then that natural beauty just shines out. Also Prisia always wears casual yet pretty clothing with ethnic touches (like the picture above, and yes, she has on -temporary-dreadlocks for a new role) that makes me want to raid her closet!

Anyways what I’m trying to say is that women are free to express themselves however they want and girls, I got you and I respect your choices whatever they may be. Me, I admire women like her and I believe that simplicity doesn’t entirely mean boring. A lot of times, a dress shirt or flannel and jeans works for me every day and with a little eyeliner and red lips now and then will do! Simplicity is beautiful, it’ll make people wonder more about you and personally I love a little mystery. Don’t you?