Warteg – Indonesian Soul-Food


Bear with me, I’m trying out posts with a visual journal type of feel and so far it has been very pleasing. This is just an experiment though so I’ll see how it all turns out.


Since last weekend, I took great advantage of the break that I have right now and savor all the hours of the day to myself by indulging in all the things I love. These include eating, reading and even finally watching a sequel to a much-loved Indonesian cinema classic.

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But right now I’d like to share a little spot that was found somewhere in Kemang, South Jakarta. It was called “Di Warteg”. A warteg, is essentially a simple stall that sells food we Indonesians know will taste excellent as it closely resembles what we get at home. In other words, a warteg serves our version of soul-food in the States. However, this one is designed in a more eye-catching with cheeky wall art and cement floors. Coming inside, you are greeted by the lady who will take a plate for you and ask which of the many choices will make up your meal. Rice, an omelette, fried tempe, and spicy potatoes were the choices that quenched by cravings. The real refresher of that hot afternoon, was a cold, glorifying glass of sweet ice tea. All I knew was, this type of meal never fails.

So, as you can see my meal was an easy chew, flavorful, and it really does not have to take a lot from your wallet to finally have a happy stomach!

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