Vintage Knick-knacks at Beringharjo – Part II


So back I went to Malioboro street’s Beringharjo market and in hopes of finding something to show all of you. Boy did I find it. These small treasures are simple but they’re pieces of the past that we can still retain. Vintage casettes. I squealed in happiness and if you’re a music junkie like myself, you would be too.

Of course it started to rain and I was walking fast to avoid the drizzles, I caught something in the corner of my eye. The man selling them was under the protection from the rain, he had his old trusty tape player and played Indonesian nostalgia songs. It always surprises and amazes me to find old, vintage stuff that people still keep because they just didn’t want to forget. The man kept tidying his collection and it showed how much he loves what he does.


I found casettes of artists and bands like The Police, Toto, and Deep Purple. I tried so hard to contain my excitement and keep it cool. The little booklets inside the cases hold the song lyrics and it was really great to hold the little thing. I let out a breath of happiness because of just how blessed I am to be here. You may be thinking, those are just casettes. But to me, finding them represents a lot of things about being in Yogyakarta (or Jogja for easier pronunciation). People here still like to enjoy preserving things from the past, they refuse to let that go. Of course, times are changing, but when you’re here, you’ll be amazed.

My father, a big music-appreciating man just sort of virtually chuckled as I showed him the pictures (of course *a bit of eye rolling here*). Of course I gushed about wanting to have the casettes but he told me to leave them be for other people to appreciate them. Also, as a big collector himself, he told me not to worry about finding old casettes like those. So thanks, dad. I pouted for a while, but what he said made sense. It’s definitely a nice thought to just leave them be and let other people be surprised just like me. On the other hand, the man selling them was already happy that I took any time that I had to ponder over his collection.


Finding those casettes definitely brightened up the rainy day. As I went on to other outings, I sent a salute to the wonderful city of Yogyakarta. Why? Because it never fails to make me fall in love with it. Again and again. I feel like I’m getting the best of both worlds. I have a great home in Bogor where I can enjoy my time with family and relax. Where here, I feel like I can just truly explore, be a little more adventurous, achieve the things that I want to academically while being able to apppreciate the world around me. That, to me, is utter bliss.

Anyway, besides that, the street of Malioboro was especially colorful that day. Before going to Beringjarjo, I took some photos of the commotion that was going on. As I pulled up my bike to the parking lot, I noticed people with colorful costumes on and holding very interesting props. As people were bundling up together along the street, these costumed people were marching with their costumes and accompanied with music by a small marching band. As I asked around, it turns out that they were celebrating the eve of the Satu Suro night. The Satu Suro night celebration or ritual is to mark the first day in the Javanese calendar which falls on the month of Sura, transcribed as Suro. From young girls leading the march to aging men performing little dances, it was such a colorful thing to watch and you can see why a lot of people flock to Yogyakarta because of pull factors like this celebration.


That pretty much sums up my post, but my adventures are not done yet. I don’t travel “big” just yet, but when I do get the chance to do so, I’m very thankful. If not, I will stop at nothing to show you my take on the little things that I come across which gives me the biggest smile. To end this post, coming across the casettes made me think of a certain antique market in the city of Solo, roughly an hour train ride from Yogyakarta. I have been there once and I tell you, time will not exist as you browse through the amazing stuff thay they have there. From old analogue cameras, coins, bags and even machine parts, you are bound to find a little treasure to bring back with you. I’m definitely putting that trip on my mind. Until then, more posts will be on the way! Ciao!

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