Vintage Knick-knacks at Beringharjo – Part I


I personally love collecting vintage items, and if I can’t collect them, I love admiring them all the same. So that was my main mission today at the Pasar Beringharjo at the famous, lively street of Malioboro. Managed to come across this lady’s kiosk (who was happily eating her Es Tip Top or ‘Tip Top’ Ice Cream) and everything there was so camera worthy.

The Beringharjo Market is a place you wouldn’t want to miss on a visit to Yogyakarta. Built in 1925, the area was full of Banyan trees, hence the word ‘bering’ in its name where in Bahasa Indonesia means the beringin tree. Back then, buildings and areas to fit small businesses were eventually built to a market so that it could bring prosperity to the people. Therefore, the word ‘harjo’ is added which means hope. Lovely isn’t it? I just love how symbolic the market is and makes its signature.


From household necessities, spices, jamu, Batik cloth, old typewriters and electronics, you can find a little bit, or much of everything here. I was just aching for more vintage or antique treasures, but unfortunately, the sky was about to cry once again and I had to leave to avoid the heavy drops of rain. Tomorrow I will be going back, specifically to the third floor of the east building to hunt more items. Be sure to tune in to that!

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