Updates from a Balcony

Hi all! Just would like to post a short update and a sort of train of thought at this moment now that my brain is now pretty much on full gear after doing my morning pages in my journal.

Uni has been really great so far with all the fun discussions and brainstorming in class. Of course, class readings are really stacking up but I feel like I’m relatively on top of things which is quite the improvement because consistency and effort have been the two most challenging habits to maintain for me. That’s right, I’ve never been troubled in admitting to this, so I’m going to try my best to get myself together and not be distracted by so many things too much. This should be quite manageable now that I’ve only got a few classes per week. If I could keep up with this routine that I currently have right now (I might do a big post on that one once I’ve picked up a rhythm), I think I would be able to live through more hectic schedules in the upcoming semesters quite smoothly. Wish me luck on that one, guys. Fingers crossed.

I’ve also been loving the support system I have right now. I’ve got my girls, Tara and Iim, and we keep each other sane with our regular early meet-ups on campus hours before our 1 o’clock classes. That’s another thing really, managing friendships is sometimes quite hard to do in this digital age. So, I realize that it’s becoming more important than ever now. Social media is making us get away with things so easily that sometimes we don’t really know what a real connection feels like anymore. I’ll definitely keep that in mind so I can improve in that area.

The last thing, I’m also going to see my dad for a few days in Manado very soon. So, I’m really looking forward to some quality time with him and enjoying a much-needed exposure to its seaside air. Thank you so much for reading, and a good AM to you all from my balcony!