Updates, Food, Body Image

Hi everyone! Apologies that I’ve been missing in action lately. As you know, I was in Manado with my dad and his family a few weeks ago. That was a much-needed catch-up and I was so pleased that it went really well, that everything was cleared up to make room for peace and so much more. After that, classes and assignments are starting to really gain traction. However, I’m happy for the┬áchange of speed because that means a Master’s degree is clearly underway and is THAT much closer with passing time.

Another, well perhaps not so important update is that I gained a little bit of weight! So I’d just like to blab on a little bit about it because I mean, that’s why I started a blog honestly, haha. I gained about 1 and a half kilograms recently, but it’s not really a bad thing! I’ve been eating a lot of meat, and while trying to incorporate the greens and fruits is an ongoing challenge, it’s leaving feeling so much more energized. Moreover, all the walking I’ve done so far on campus makes me hungry so quick that all I want to do after class is eat, eat, eat! So, I guess I could talk to you about my principles on eating and a little bit of body image.

I’ve never had trouble gaining weight and the physical changes that come with it as long as I’m active enough during the day and overall feeling healthy and energized. If I feel like I’m panting and puffing around all day, then that’s when I would get worried. Next, I wouldn’t exactly pin myself down to any classification of…uh…eaters? That’s because I pretty much stick to whatever I want to eat while keeping it balanced with fruits and vegetables. Plus, Indonesia is INCREDIBLY abundant with foodstuffs and spices that you can’t help but crave and devour. Heck, being here also makes it INCREDIBLY easy to have a balanced diet to which I hope more people would realize!

Anyways, that pretty much wraps up this little post and what I said above are ideas and findings that apply to me and may not necessarily fit into what others believe is beneficial for them because then again, our bodies can function differently.

Thanks for reading, see you on the next post and don’t forget to show yourself some love!