Truths Girls With Glasses Understand

So I stumbled upon this Buzzfeed video which I thought was so hilariously relatable. Now I’m a glasses girl and have been one since I was twelve (I think) and there are perks slash disadvantages that come with wearing them. This video is such a fun less complain-y kind of way to express that.

The first truth in the video was: Mascara Can Be Tricky 

I can definitely relate to this since I’ve been more interested in makeup this year, and nothing is more annoying than leaving mascara marks on your glasses. Another addition to that is when your mascara-coated lashes touch your glasses every time you blink. Who’s with me on that?

Second, Others Like To Try 

Occasionally some people like to try my glasses and it’s just fun to see what they do and hear what they say – until they make comments like “oh my gosh! your eyes must be so bad” and you’re like ……..

Third, Rain is Rough

I ride a motorbike every day and with the rainy season coming along it can be quite the struggle! Raindrops disturbs your vision and the glasses get blurry. Even when I put the helmet-cover-flap thing on, some rain still manages to seep onto my face.

Fourth, You Get Compared 

I don’t normally get compared to anyone when wearing glasses but it’s no surprise when someone does so.

Fifth, You Can’t See And Lie Down 

This is a funny one. Sometimes you just want to lie down but then the back of your glasses gets pushed up. Then you switch to your side but the edge of your glasses hurt your temples and you feel like you can’t just do anything right.

Sixth! Things Get Foggy

I can’t tell you how many times throughout my adolescence life that I found myself in some nice cafe, with a savoury hot coffee to drink and your glasses fog up before I can do anything. Then I’m just left there waiting awkwardly for the fogginess to disappear.

7th, They Cover Your Makeup 

Sometimes no matter just how well you rocked your eyeshadow or winged liner that day, your glasses get in the way.

8th, You Will Lose Them 

Raise your hands if you had frantically searched for your glasses when they were perked upon your head? Or worse, when you’re actually wearing them?

Then, the 9th truth was Spectacles Are Beautiful

And that girls, is so true. Glasses is one of the things that make up my identity. It makes me feel beautiful and empowered when I have it on. Sure, we can get annoyed with wearing them and you wished you could’ve changed your habits that made you wear glasses in the first place (eat your carrots, children!) but I’ve learnt to embrace them! Plus, there are a lot of fun-shaped glasses that you can buy and it makes an awesome fashion statement.

Well that’s it for this post and I’ve been watching a lot of videos that inspired me lately so stay tuned for more!