Timeless Red


Throughout the years, red lipstick has become a sign of elegance, of class.  It started becoming popular in the 16th century, as royalty began the trend of ‘white face’ and bright crimson lips. However, the history of red lipstick goes way back in time. There are 5000-year-old Egyptian portraits wearing colored lips made of gemstones and even insects. So, what does this tell us? It is and it was an instinctive sign of femininity. Now although the prospect of bright color lipstick is purely controversial to some people, who may find it trashy rather than classy, I personally believe that it shows confidence and power in women who are not afraid to stand out.

So in today’s society, what does red lipstick mean? It allows women to portray themselves with certain sophistication and dominance that they may not have in a daily basis. It creates an impression of a powerful woman, woman in charge, and woman with confidence. Cosmetics nowadays offer women all over the world that difference between low self-esteem and aplomb. Could it be a façade? Perhaps, but through time we have seem a boost in women power which may have been encouraged by that small part of our daily lives, that makes us feel so secure about ourselves, looking at ourselves and feeling good.

So girls, whenever you’re down about something, taking out that perfect shade of red out of your purse can just liven up everything.