The Secret Life of Things

If you’ve moved around a lot like me, you would know that we accumulate things.

A lot, of things.

Whether it’s things that doesn’t seem so relevant but you don’t want to part with, or things that don’t fit anymore, and things that mean a lot to you like, old diaries for example. Wherever you go there are always things that will be of significance, with stories attached to them and makes you remember things that you wouldn’t really think about on a day-to-day basis.

For example, I still keep a worn out ticket of a Simple Plan concert, and instilled are memories of a good night, accompanied by a good friend who probably didn’t really like the band but went with me anyway to make me happy

And then there’s my late grandfather’s walkman that I took with me to Jogja last holiday.

Things remind you of a memory, of a time.

However, you may look at a certain object and you either look at it with sadness or want to throw it out a window.

Things can remind you of people.

A journal, a shirt.

But for this post I’d like to say goodbye to an old friend, my old laptop. You may think, it’s just a laptop. But it has been with me since 2007 and I now, it’s finally going to rest.┬áIt has survived tumble to the floor and it was my faithful friend in the long hours of the night working on fun yet pain staking assignments throughout high school. It has been with me through hours of Skype calls, I fell asleep on it, tears fell on it and it pushed on with me through my first year of university before gradually slowing down.

And here we are today.

Your job’s done, my friend. Thank you for your service and companionship.