The Simple Things Still Wins


I may have forgotten to mention that I found myself lucky to currently be interning for Indonesia’s leading English newspaper, The Jakarta Post and that means treading the same path of my late grandfather’s. Back in the day, he used to write for the Sunday paper and I think I may just have found my answer as to why I love words so immensely. So, my endless thanks to you grandpa.

The Features department is home to all the things I love in the world and I got to write various articles on lifestyle, books, art, dance and many more. Although sometimes, like yesterday afternoon, I had to attend an event and interview someone. When I came in, it was a glamorous feast, filled with socialites, designers and social media influencers — of course as it was a launch of a luxury e-commerce website. You might think, what’s not to love about it?

New experiences are on my everyday to-do list, and a chance to write for a newspaper like this exposes me to the different sides of Jakarta, both the upscale and the gritty. While it is a thrill to see the life of the hyped, but at the end of the day, the simple things in life will always conquer.