The Moment

Taken with Fujifilm Qcam Film: Agfavista 400

Singapore. How it held too many memories. Back in the day it was a place my parents and I frequented and I’d always become so excited to go there, even if it was simply enjoying all the duty-free chocolates I wanted at the airport. This time, I came back to visit my cousin who’s working there at the general hospital and it’s been ages since we’ve all bonded. I was back, from the sugar-craving little kid (part of me still is) – from the girl who basically ran around the airport looking for the latest book in the Twilight saga, to a 23-year-old who’s now trying to build a life for herself. Yes, I still am that girl, and I don’t think we ever fully stop building.

There will be more little posts about my time in Singapore after many years but I’d like to highlight one moment. It was on a Sunday and we all planned to go see Yayoi Kusama’s art exhibition. It was the last day of a 3-month exhibition and boy it was packed! From the long, swirling cue and online tickets selling out by the minute, we knew it wasn’t realistic to stay there and force ourselves. So, we all agreed to let it go and enjoyed each others’ company elsewhere.

We went out of the National Gallery and walked towards Clarke Quay. It was late afternoon then and the sun felt just right on my skin. People were lounging in Fort Canning Park with loved ones and friends, and I no longer felt the strain on my legs from the increased amount of walking I’ve had. We ended up drinking delicious smoothies in a restaurant by the Clarke Quay boardwalk and had meaningful, engaging conversations. By dinner time, we managed to quickly score tables at a crowded dim sum stall which ended up being the best thing that could ever happen that day.

When I look back, a few thoughts came to mind; that sometimes we can’t get what we want especially under circumstances that we can’t control. I also questioned myself, was I really anticipating that exhibition to absorb myself in the art, or to simply capture a few snapshots and be done with it? That, my friends, could be another post. Until then, have you been feeling like you’ve lost one too many moments?