The Kick of Sambal

When it comes to sambal, I will eternally adore my sambal bawang, even if the scent of garlic lingers in my mouth for a whole day.

Still, a Manadonese dabu-dabu is still pretty high up on the list. It wonderfully consists of the usual chopped chili peppers and shallots. However, that distinguished tang is embodied by red and green tomatoes, salt, sugar and lemon or calamansi juice that differentiates dabu-dabu from the myriad of sambals in the country. It’s the kind of spicy that crawls up from my tongue, to my ears and finally to my scalp as it tingles from the heat, leaving me to relish in the pain…yeah…let my little hyperbole seep in.

Anyway, I can’t believe how much chili prices have skyrocketed! The other day when my mom bought some, it was indicated to be around Rp. 110,000 per kilo! Yet, Indonesians keep coming back to them because well, handling spiciness is what we’re good at! We don’t mind because it’s a luxury to have our tongues burn and go slightly numb! Haha.

I wonder what my stomach thinks of me after all these years, really…

What’s your favorite sambal?