The Joy of Walking

Taken with Fujifilm Qcam Film: Agfavista 400

Do you know what has been a source of joy for me lately? Walking! Yes, it recently dawned on my how therapeutic this effortless action is. You barely think about it yet it’s incredibly tedious for some, even if you don’t want it to be when you live in a chaotic city like Jakarta. However, going back to university has refreshed everything for me, topped with the insane amount of walking I had in Singapore.

Everything there was within reachable distance both by public transport such as buses, the MRT and by foot. On top of that, we were actually supported by a conducive environment to walk around! Heading to bus stations and the MRT required so much of walking and when we first arrived, I was panting and sweating from the sudden, constant movements of, well, allĀ my limbs for an extended period of time.

A few days in, heavy knees and all, I got into the rhythm and I felt quite amazing. My mind loved the freedom of simply letting go of all the worries that would otherwise drown me back in Jakarta such as constantly keeping my bag tucked in front of me. Furthermore, it allowed me to absorb the cityscape and some of its unique architecture for my film camera to devour.

Taken with Fujifilm Qcam Film: Agfavista 400
Taken with Fujifilm Qcam. Film: Agfavista 400

As for my body, that lingering pain on the back of my knees disappeared as I walk even more, the annoying panting also became less frequent and I felt happy. My body seemed to thank me by making me feel even more energized. I also slept so, incredibly well when the day ended and woke up refreshed and ready.

Taken with Fujifilm Qcam Film: Agfavista 400
Taken with Fujifilm Qcam. Film: Agfavista 400

Okay, gratitude doesn’t even to explain how I feel when I walk to classes on campus because I get to actually continue the joy of walking! Usually right when I get out of the train station, I would have to walk through this paved walkway through what’s basically a mini forest. It’s surrounded by tall trees standing proudly in the sunshine its receiving overhead, giving us fresh air to breathe and filled my conscience with content solitude. I can’t get enough of it and I look forward to those few minutes on the walkway before continuing my way to campus grounds.

Don’t get me wrong, okay? Despite how unfacilitated Jakarta is in terms of pothole-free sidewalks and the consuming vehicle fumes, the sense that you have to survive these elements to get where you want to go is absolutely thrilling. The overwhelming sensations just come at you test just how much chaos one can stand, haha. It makes you feel so strangely alive.

Anyways, there go a few ramblings about the simple act of walking and I do hope I haven’t been boring you! Thanks for sticking with me with this blog, whoever you are.


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