Still Here

So my family and I went to Manado, North Sulawesi recently to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of our Opa Alex’s death. He was born there and raised there. He also lived heartily and left behind great deeds as well as memories to be remembered in years to come.

We took an early flight, and I quickly realized that I missed the roar of the airplane engine. It’s a sound I never feared for it will take me out of my comfort zone, and I take pleasure in seeing everything below slowly turning ant-sized.

However, when we arrived, I was struck with the notion that at first may seem obvious, but is indeed a great reminder: that travel can teach us a little bit about curveballs. From the dreaded minutes during the wait for a delayed flight, to even the frantic search of a switched baggage. Yep, of all the mishaps, a lovely Korean couple happened to own the exact same suitcase, except slightly bigger. Thank goodness my Mom managed to contact them through the airport crew.

So, I’m going to embrace that there are things in life beyond our control, and travel can teach us that. We can’t control a turbulence, a delayed flight, but we sure can control our efforts and our attitudes towards them. The same goes with how we can’t control how people act and feel because that’s their prerogative. Still, by any means, I’m not saying I have it all put together, that I don’t always paint a peachy picture. My life has its own curveballs catching me by surprise, and it’s usually due to my own shortcomings. Does that sound familiar? One of the funniest things about human beings, and me being one is that we can be so consistent about our own inconsistencies.

Nevertheless, here I am, still standing and learning to prove myself that can do it. I will get through.

Haha, well there we go, my stream of consciousness – expect more of that.