Positive Vibes

They say your friends are the family you choose for yourself, and that no matter where you are, positive vibes should surround you. As for myself, I’m so lucky to say that I am surrounded by those I can call my own little family, may they¬†be my friends from high school and university. Now, I tend to enjoy my solitude a lot of times, and I may not be able to open myself so easily but I’m so glad that I have found people who understand me and are able to see past that. For example, a lot of my high school friends have found themselves pursuing their education in various countries like Australia, Europe and the United States, but whenever we do find ourselves back home in Bogor (a city in the western part of Java), some of us always finds a way to see each other and catch up. Every time is always a joy and whatever troubles I have, they wouldn’t blink to give me a hand.

And in university, my friends are all crazy in their own ways. Nonetheless, we embrace that because that’s how we roll. We all struggle in class together, laugh together and share our frustrations together. Another thing that we love to do is eat, which you can see above. Whenever we do have the time, whenever we just finished a gruelling assignment or a test, food is our consolation. And if you are ever around us, be prepared to hear a lot, a lot of loudness but we don’t even care if we embarrass ourselves because we have each others’ back. For example, I have to say my friend Cindy and I most closely resemble each other through the things we’re interested in such as a love for our country, music, anything secondhand or vintage and travel. In other words, she’s my travel buddy which I think everyone in this world should have, and we have planned a lot of trips to take in the future which I can’t wait to start. Therefore, I do hope you all have found a group of people where being yourself is something so natural like the act of breathing. Surround yourself with those who support you, who cares so much that they’re not afraid to point out your mistakes and stop you from doing anything stupid, because those are the people who are worth keeping. Hence the proverb, hold a true friend with both hands.