The Moment

Taken with Fujifilm Qcam Film: Agfavista 400

Singapore. How it held too many memories. Back in the day it was a place my parents and I frequented and I’d always become so excited to go there, even if it was simply enjoying all the duty-free chocolates I wanted at the airport. This time, I came back to visit my cousin who’s working there at the general hospital and it’s been ages since we’ve all bonded. I was back, from the sugar-craving little kid (part of me still is) – from the girl who basically ran around the airport looking for the latest book in the Twilight saga, to a 23-year-old who’s now trying to build a life for herself. Yes, I still am that girl, and I don’t think we ever fully stop building. There will be more […]

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A New Chapter: The Postgrad Life!

When one door closes, another one has opened up new opportunities for me, such as pursuing a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies at Universitas Indonesia. Yes, I’ve decided that I’m so ready to go back to school and be a full-time student. Now, would I have liked to continue working? Of course. But really, when is ever “the right time” to do something? If you feel a new opportunity coming along, I say go for it. Is this scaring me? Oh you bet it does. There have been one too many accounts of me doubting myself; that I could even finish a Master’s within 2 years, that I could somehow change the world with only my love for literature. Then, I came across this video of Will Smith (yes) talking […]

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Bajo. (2)

That particular day, we set off rather late from our hostel in Labuan Bajo. This might either be because by some blissful ignorance or that good of a sleep (I was top bunk but man that 4 hour slumber was actually one of the best I’ve had), all 70 of us forgot that there ain’t gonna be a cute little shuttle bus waiting to pick us up to go to the harbor! So, I took that well-loved Eiger backpack on my shoulders and we walked through the chilly 6 o’clock seaside morning. Countless diving centres were opening, the owners greeted each other and I saw one tourist with her tousled hair sipping some tea outside one of the centres that were also a hostel. Despite the weight on my back, it was […]

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