On Tea and the Little Boy

So, me and my mom went to the bakso stall nearby our kost yesterday afternoon. To quench our thirst, we tried some S-tee to which I declare my simple happiness of the day! Why? Cause it apparently packs more tea at 318 ml, so I could slurp as much as it satisfies me in between chews.

Oh, another thing I loved thappened in the morning. Before heading back to Jakarta, the lady who sells these amazingly fluffy donuts passed by our house. Now, she’s usually accompanied by her husband as they go around block to block on his motorbike.

But this time, they brought their son along. He looked to be about 6 years old and held a strong resemblance to George from the movie Stuart Little with his glasses and spiky hair. As I chose my donuts, he leaped down from the bike and ran over to pick up a fallen flower from the frangipani tree planted on ou front yard. Afterward, he gave me a shy smile and went back to his father as he smelled the flower like it’s his most marvelous discovery that day. It was so endearing to watch.