On Friends

So recently, I met one of my best friends, Briana. Now we’ve been there for each other since day one – of university life, that is. It was the time where we were about to discover who we really are and who we wanted to be in the future – even if it still seems a little bit uncertain up til’ now. And that’s okay, really.

It was during our faculty orientation, and we were all seated in a line. She stood out with her short bob and that tomboy gait so I decided to talk to her. From one casual ‘hi!” we ended up having so many things in common such as our addiction to Pretty Little Liars (come on, I know it was a series you couldn’t get enough of at some point!) and all things literary.

Things just sort of rolled and connected from there, and soon enough it was the three of us with my kost-mate Vanya that completed our little group.

We couldn’t have been more different though. I’ve always had a quiet demeanor and I loved to listen. Briana is unapologetic, fiery and Vanya is always ready to get you acquainted with your inner sarcasm. However, we shared this common awkwardness to make us click for so many years, haha.

We used to hop on over Briana’s kost so many times where we watched TV series, fangirled over musicians and band members, fixed Vanya’s rain-soaked iPod Touch and succumbed to take-ins on a rainy day. Both of them saw me at my best, and she was always there to listen to me without an ounce of judgment but she was also there even to tell me things I didn’t want to hear.

We literally haven’t seen each other since she gave birth to her daughter Keira (who is now 2 years old! What is time?!) and then that one time at campus after community service. With me going back home, my then work schedule, her commute to Jakarta, Yogyakarta and back, somehow we never found the right time slot to catch up. So on Tuesday, we decided to meet up. Boy, did we attempt to cram so much of the time we spent apart into that early lunch conversation!

So much has changed and moved so fast but some have remained the same – such as our continuous love for books, writing and all the learning life has to offer which of course makes sense being the literature majors that we are, haha. It really was a delightful time, and our outfits even coordinated with no discussion beforehand by the way!

You know, sometimes I pinch myself at the fact that I really am surrounded by supportive friends. Of course, as you get older, the circle of friends seems to get smaller and smaller but then you know what it means to let go and that change or drifting apart is a normal course of life. You also know those who truly make you bloom inside and as a person. Even though some of us don’t see each other that often, a single catch-up is always ever so meaningful and we end up having great quality time.

That notion rings true when I was in Yogyakarta for a worktrip. It was a busy evening at the airport and Vanya came over and we spent an hour or so just chatting away, while I wait for my delayed return-flight. These little moments mean so much to me and girls, despite this blog post, mere words don’t even begin to describe how much I missed the three of us together.

So, there it is! I hope you liked this simple post and I hope I’ve made you smile and think about your loved ones as you read.

See you on the next one!