On Friends and Survival

On Friday, I spent the night after work eating at a mall food court with a good friend from university, Fahma. But first let me just notify you of one thing. In a big city like this, ironically, places  to catch up with friends and loved ones are limited with malls coming down as the easiest choices.

No, really, there’s a math involved in making plans here in Jakarta (yes) even from the night before! You would have to calculate what time you had to wake up in the morning. Plus, there’s a big chance that you will contemplate getting up a few hours earlier than usual so you could get off work earlier to avoid traffic. Then, if you’re meeting someone in a restaurant, a reservation is kind of a must because most likely the place will be so packed!

See, the little tricks we have to play in Jakarta are sometimes so intricate but it’s helping my day-to-day survival! Anyways, we giggled, stuffed our stomach and window-shopped without a tire. I’ve been missing that lately, I admit I’ve been losing touch with a couple of friends recently, so I’m going to step up.

How was your weekend?