On a Spring

Back in Manado, I became familiar with a water spring in Tondano despite how it caught me a little off-guard. It was, unbelievable clear and fresh, so much so that I could see my toenails without my head submerged in water!

It’s also home to some feisty garra rufa fish, being the little ‘doctors’ that they are. Now, alright their validity and effectiveness in treating skin problems may be debatable, but it was still a blast to see them clouding my feet with their black, greenish scales.

The spring is where people come to unwind, have a splash with friends and family, and even bathe! It was a lovely experience. It also made me realize that even though we might be on top of nature’s food chain, we still have quite a long way when it comes to surpassing its power of giving because my goodness, it remains as giving as ever. Even if it starts to (unfortunately) vanish bit by bit before our eyes.