No Regrets

How many of you can relate to this? I sure can and this is my philosophy when it comes to food. There is just no room for regret!

Okay, being realistic, there is huge importance in eating healthy and we can’t just devour everything that’s served in front of us. But there is just so much of amazing culinary treats in this world to miss out.

After seeing so many types of diets in blogs and magazines, we should realize that having a balanced diet is what’s important with enough vitamins and proteins. If you feel like you want to go the the extra mile, control your portions and eat earlier during the day. Why? Because personally, you should never limit yourself on anything that is to do with food because it’s a vital necessity.

So, travel the world, or start small by going around your city or town and experience local delicacies. You will delight your senses and grow to love everything that is to do about the world of food.

Now, after writing three posts about food, I think I’m on to something. What do you think?