New Beginnings

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s unbelievable how fast time has passed, it definitely brings you that hope and excitement to start fresh but then it reminds you of some of the rather gray areas. Nevertheless, what better time could it be to leave all those things behind than right now. It’s never too late to change, if we actually take the courage to do so because trust me, I know.

Now I’d like to take a few minutes and reflect. Christmas break was a week and a few days back home in Bogor, where our house was exquisitely renovated by my mother. It took a little while for us to settle in but in the end we slept soundly in our beds. Going into our house, you might just be reminded of a villa somewhere in Bali or in Central Java. Rather, it’s in a housing complex, in the middle of a rapidly industrializing, growing city. My Mom has definitely hit the spot on that and all of it was done in just 3 and a half months. Magic? You would have thought it was. But it really spoke to me on how simple willpower, assertiveness and a lot of patience will yield us the best results just like the house!

One of the most memorable things was taking out my whole load of books from the boxes they were kept in while the house was being done up. The twist was that termites have found, or munched their way into the boxes and into my books. I have never seen termites up close in my life and seeing them just so enjoyably feasting on my books was quite the experience, let me tell you that. In the end, I had to sacrifice almost half of my books. One of the books that got eaten was my favorite book out of the whole Harry Potter series. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

If you’re from my generation, it’s pretty much safe to say that we grew up with the series. We’ve been through everything Harry did and Hermione has grown to definitely being my favorite feminist of all time. Through her head always in a book, and speaking out no matter how othe people saw you gave shy girls like me optimism and power. So, it was honestly a bit sad to see my copy torn up. I got the book at a secondhand bookshop in Pattaya and since then, I have been in love with the series. But I had to give it away, as a reminder to myself of all the things we have to let go to make us a better person. Sure, what we have experienced stay with us but we do have a choice to move on and put some things behind us.

It’s important to look back once in a while,

But there is a reason why our eyes are placed in the front.