Never Deprive Yourself

We live in a health-conscious world, which I’m all for because how are we supposed to indulge in life without a well-fed, and nutritionally equipped body? But then again, I always try to take a step back when it seems like we’re depriving ourselves of balance with sustenance. These days, we tend to feel so guilty of being indulgent with what we put in our stomachs, so much that we are oblivious to the fact that we have the power of handling food in moderation. In all honesty, I wished that some would stop looking at me concernedly should I have a burger in my hands, and actually saying “Think about your future, you’re still so young,”

I’m starting to sound like I have total expertise over this but I’m merely speaking from experience. So, let’s carry on, eh?

To be honest, I’m not naïve. Moderation, in all aspects of my life hasn’t always been my forte. As a kid, I loved my sweets and chocolate, and biscuits, and even more chocolate – even until today. Plus, being in Indonesia will leave you craving for its array of warm, tasty dishes. Living in a tropical country, we are surrounded by amazing produce and spices you can’t find anywhere else. However, that thought inspired me to not deny myself of food as our basic need to survive, unless we balance it all out.

I had my anything-cold-pressed, I would also often skip meals to rid myself of that hearty lunch I had earlier. It was until I was struck with the most horrible 5 days of flu that I realized how I didn’t listen to my body. I thought I knew what I was doing, but instead I missed my signals and learned a little too late of what my body needs to thrive.

I was never one to limit what I should eat unless I’m medically or nutritionally required to, but I would very much like to be kinder to my body. Take my previous thought of my country’s supply of nutritious food! It’s the epitome of balanced goodness! We have everything from gado-gado, a peanut sauce salad, and the spicy, simmering beef rendang. Slow-cooked and marinated with love, worthy of international recognition. I swear to you, there is absolutely no way I’m spending the rest of my days distancing myself from Indonesia’s culinary treats, as long as I can cut my portions, and simply squeeze in some fruits in between. So, why can’t it be possible to both indulge and be moderate?

Place these diet suggestions aside and trust your instincts, that you are capable of survival in the best, healthiest, most importantly, balanced way.


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