My Haven


Jogja is…


like Caffeine, addicting, gives you spirit





Fun, a place for learning



…were a few words to describe her in a song I’ve been listening to. Now, you may say “here goes another fawn over this city but when you find yourself stepping off your car, train or plane, you can’t help but feel how different Jogja is.


After a few great days back in my hometown, Jogja has welcomed me back into its arms. I can’t believe that I would fall in love so hard over a city but I’m so happy that I have. Going back means going back to routines of studying, reading books..but back to sharing a cup of coffee with good friends, relishing in chats and laughs in corners of streets, and creating memories that will eternally last. But the best part is, I’m paving the path to my future in this cultural city cause this is just the beginning. What could possibly top that?



So blessed I am to find myself here,  I would have never learned what I am learning here anywhere else. Even though a share of challenges and mistakes come in my way, I’ve not let them be obstacles but lessons instead. Now I’m not an expert in life and letting perfection shine but if I am, what would I ever be learning? We just have to do the best we can with our blood, sweat, faith and He’ll give us the way. As graduation day grows near, I’m growing increasingly sure that Jogja is where I’ll dock my ship. When days get weary and my mind bleak, I’ll turn my heart to Him and I know He’ll always tell it to go back here once again.

And again.