Most Romantic Song I Have Ever Heard

Photo: “Unpublished” Photo Exhibition, Kompas

This particular song drags me straight into layers of music so exquisite until my heart literally aches from how beautiful it is. After some years of listening to it, I decided to stand by the title of this blog post and tell you all about it.

Once you hear that synth keyboard in the intro, you might stifle a laugh because of its willingness to be reminiscent of soft-rock ballads back in the 80’s. Trust me, the first time I heard it, I thought it would be quite pretentious. However, it has always been successful in producing some intense goosebumps up my arm. At first listen, I haven’t the faintest idea of what it means but I felt at peace during those few minutes and I somehow knew exactly what the answer is, simply by how it made me feel. I’ve included the live version at the end of this post, which definitely amped up the whole texture of the song and I hope you’ll like it as well.

The vocals seep into your mind so easily, and that audible autotune seems to work and pushes that taboo aside. From the fluttering notes of the saxophone floating like clouds within the song, passionate and rigid guitar solos seeped between intense and assertive drum beats, ‘Beth/Rest’ is an experience.

It’s quirky, humble, elegiac and declarative of a love one has for a beloved. The kind of love you can’t put into words — surpassing reason and rationality. Our love is a star/Sure some hazardry/For the light before and after most indefinitely. So, all I could say is that Bon Iver has created not just another digital music track, but a dazzling surge of emotions that I’d have to bear all over again with every push on that play button.