Local Tunes

Being in Jogja, I’ve been more exposed to local artists and musicians that are just amazing. So far, here are my favourites. Enjoy!

1. Payung Teduh – “Untuk Perempuan Yang Sedang di Dalam Pelukan”

Payung Teduh is my current favourite and they bring a nuance of Jazz and keroncong (a krontjong is an ukulele instrument) to our ears. With simple vocals and lyrics, they will bring calmness to your soul and the sweetness of this song’s lyrics literally makes me blush.

2. Float – “Pulang”

Float has a genre of their own, they just make music and boy it’s good.

3. Answer Sheet – “Riverside”

They’re a three-piece band whose focal point is the Ukulele and so far, what I like about these bands is their simplicity. Answer Sheet just makes you feel all nice and gooey inside when they’re on stage (check out “A Love Beach, Sadranan”). “Riverside” brings us more modernity but it still stays true to who they are.

4. Sore – “Musim ‘Ujan”

Calling their music Indonesian Rock Revival, Sore is unique and a must in your playlist!

5. The Trees and The Wild – Berlin


They played in a campus event recently and another three-man band, they are slowly making a name for themselves and surely a place in my heart (phew!).

6. The White Shoes & Couples Company – “Ye Good Ol’ Days”

They are formed from Jakarta’s Art Institute and their upbeat tunes makes them stand out with this song feeling like it’s coming right out of a vinyl.

7. Gugun and The Blues Shelter – “Mengejar Harapan”

Bringing rock and blues to our list today, this band shines in their simplicity and taste.

8. Naif – “Jikalau”

One of my personal favourites, the floaty vocals, sweet lyrics, and overall awesome to the ears is what makes me love them so much.

9. Gerap Gurita – “Dewi-Bayu”

Need a kickstart to your day? Something to cheer you up? To get you off of your couch and see the sun outside? Listen to Gerap Gurita. This band is so…folk that I can’t even handle it! The instruments that they play include:

  • Mandolin
  • Violin
  • Bass
  • Accordion
  • Guitar
  • Fiddle
  • Tin Whistle
  • And occasionally, a Bag-Pipe.

Just how bloody cool is that? Listening to their songs, you can’t help but move your head from side-to-side and appreciate all the goodness that life has, haha!

Hope you find a band that you like on this list, I’ll continue on to appreciating the good music that my country has to bring.