Let it Soar

The beautiful innocence of a child never fails to put a smile on my face.

I always wonder what’s going on in their little minds, knowing that the most it would be are simple and pure thoughts, no worries, no stress, no over analysis of life – just a peaceful mind and a happy adventurous soul.

It’s until they realise how cruel the majority of this world is that they start to evolve into something that they feel they must; they transform into whatever society has so cleverly but cruelly established as the criteria for the ‘perfect child’. They are left stranded in a world devoid of any room for anyone to find themselves, in the mass blur of the pressures of life, being pushed to fit in and be the same.

It’s when they truly comprehend this selfish world and realise that the majority of people only care for themselves that they are effected and unfortunately become that way too.

it’s so sad, isn’t it, that their innocence and happiness has to be taken away from them?

I think it’s so important to try and find your true self again, to go back to your roots and think about what your inner child really desires, not what you are made to wish for by society, but what you feel true love and passion for.

Embrace that inner child, even if it’s completely stupidly crazy (or at least that’s what society wants you to think), it doesn’t matter what age you are, go climb trees, lie in the grass looking up at the stars, go explore, find magical gardens, play in the rain, build forts, sing at the top of your lungs, run through the sprinkles, do what heart desires and don’t be scared to be judged for it! But remember, all of that with a purpose and focus in mind. Trust me, I have learned the hard way when everything is done recklessly.

Because when you start to embrace your inner child, I assure you people will follow in your footsteps, there are billions of inner children screaming to be set free, just like yours.

And you know, one day you’ll find someone to share those adventures and happiness with, I promise.