Les Petits Plaisirs

IMG_2858What makes you lay back and douse yourself in pleasure? By now I’m sure that simplicity is a value that I hold very dear. A blog post brought that notion to light with the word un petit plaisir that refers to taking pleasure in the little things. Whether its your clothes, the food you eat, and right down to your attitude because when you appreciate the littlest things, you get to be thankful for the big ones.

Here are my les petits plaisirs

  • Sipping up a strong, velvety latte
  • Wearing my rolled up-ankle baring jeans with leather loafers
  • Coming down to the last sentence of a really good book (though you are often times left with the anguish of deciding what to read next)
  • Chowing down on a fresh, hot, golden croissant
  • A refreshing glass of iced tea on a scorching day
  • Wearing my favorite blazer with a crisp dress-shirt underneath.
  • Listening to a splendid jazz playlist to accompany your evening