Late-night Drive with Honne

Lately, I have been pleasing my ears with Honne, an electronic-soul duo from East London, Andy and James. Friends since university, they have created songs that are packed with warmth and urbanite synths.

The word “Honne” itself means true feelings or desire in Japanese. After a couple of repeated playbacks, I realized how perfectly they have incorporated that specific meaning into their own music. With simplistic lyrics, their songs seem to convey everyday happenings and emotions without being pretentious at all.

From a Telegraph article that I read, influences to their music are INK. and Jungle, along with how James is inspired by Quincy Jones’ take on Michael Jackson tracks. The vocals of Andy sounds like a richer version of Bon Iver that may not sound entirely special, but is a perfect match to their style of music.

Alright, from my point of view, Honne’s music resonates with the kind of lifestyle that I adopt. What appeals to my liking are very simplistic matters and activities that make me feel really good about myself and the world I’m around in. When I listen to their music, it feels like they do agree with it.  You will get powerful yet hypnotic synths that get down to the depths of your years. Also, infectious drum beats with occasional groovy twangs of the guitar and funky basslines that remind you of the eighties. You will find this especially real in “Warm on a Cold Night” and “All in the Value”. A song I posted below is called “Woman” and is a song of my personal favorite. It is much slower than their other tracks but it doesn’t deviate from their signatre sound.

All in all, Honne will make you want to open your window blinds at night, open up a bottle of whatever pleases your palette, and enjoy everything. It will make you want to cuddle up next to your loved one as you go on a late night summer drive in the city, windows all the way down. So basically, it all comes down to instantly recognizing who they are once you listen to them, and that originality means to me, absolutely good music

Honne is a perfect companion to the simplest things in life you didn’t know you could enjoy so much, so take a listen, and enjoy!