Keepin’ it Real with Klasik Coffee

About 40-ish kilometers away from our nation’s busiest metropolitan, lies an honest and simple coffee establishment in the green and angkot-infested town of Bogor, which I went to with my Mom last weekend. Klasik Coffee nestles on a recently up-and-coming street that keeps bursting with hip places for Bogorians to hang out. Yet, Klasik radiates with its own unique feel of minimalist and cozy elements of decor.

These days, it’s becoming quite a struggle to not to call one establishment as “just another third-wave coffee-shop,”. More often than not, a cafe’s visuals are largely prioritized over taste and consistency. Klasik Coffee’s outward appearance is subdued, yet unique in its own way with potted plants delicately placed on metal tarpaulins outside the cafe. Plus, it has big windows which I can’t help but me lured by.

There are cozy wooden sofas and chairs that are readily placed to accommodate comfort to your coffee-drinking experience while basking yourself in either pleasant tête-à-tête with friends, or to infuse some focus to your workday. All I’m saying is, don’t underestimate Klasik’s simplicity allure because I noticed that there were quite a few people who stayed as long as I did.

© Cemara Dinda/2017

Walking in, you are immediately greeted by friendly baristas whom to me, represents one of the best parts of coffee culture. I’m an eternal believer in the notion that whether you’re a big-chain restaurant, a casual dining spot, to the tiniest coffee corner in town, hospitality is subconsciously a major contributor to the rate of returning visitors. That’s just my opinion but let’s carry on! Klasik may appear quite small to city-bees, but that fact is easily disregarded once you sip on your favorite espresso-based drinks. Besides a latte, a velvet-like and nutty aftertaste is forever fawned by my palette, so I ordered a tiny glass of piccolo. In complete honesty, it was deep infatuation at first sip. The piccolo perfectly encompasses what I seek and crave in a cup of coffee. How the coffee gradually, then strongly coated my tongue with love until my senses are immediately awakened.

Klasik Coffee’s humble atmosphere is equalized with the utmost quality in its coffee, and to me, that is a perfect combo!


Klasik Coffee

Jl. Ahmad Adnawijaya, Blok E1 No. 4, Bogor Utara, Bogor


Under 50k per person for coffee