Kedai Rakjat Djelata – Embrace Commonality

Beverage Station
And Yogyakarta never fails to make us fall in love with it. Walking through the food stall-cafe, it was like walking through time. With old school utensils used all around and for decorations, old adverts posted on the rustic tosca brick walls, it’s impossible not to be immersed into the whole vintage nuance. The name directly translates to food stall for the common and the concept was executed so tastefully. Providing old time classic drinks and Javanese dishes, there will be no stomachs left unhappy. In addition to that, the cozy setting with excellent choices of wooden furniture will make you never want to leave. Food is served on classic aluminum plates and it really feels like you’re traveling through time.
Coming inside the cafe, one can notice the unique set up of ordering. In the front, customers can order food, then beverages in the middle, then finally assortments of toasted bread with mouth watering flavors in the back. One thing you will notice is the fresh ingredients used in making the beverages. For example, the Wedhang Susu Jahe or ginger flavored milk is actually with fresh cut ginger put inside instead of the instant powder usually used in other cafes or food stalls.
Because of that, there is a more wholesome and rich taste to the milk that’s not only delicious but healthy. Therefore, one has to be active in asking around the friendly servers and ordering. That way, we are really developing the art of communication and it definitely makes the overall atmosphere very friendly and
laidback which is very much enjoyed here.

Iced Milk and Toasted Bread with Chocolate and Cheese

The staff are dressed in traditional Javanese clothing and their friendliness will make you feel right at home. There’s just a different kind of comfort as you spend time there and one will realize how the culinary world in Yogyakarta is a heavy pull factor for people. Kedai Rakjat Djelata is a very strong example as it provides a laid-back, authentic atmosphere, representative of the collective Javanese cultire where everyone can have an enjoyable time no matter who they are.

There’s nothing wrong with eating in fancy places with skilfully presented dishes and wine glasses that are bigger than our faces. But spending time in places like Kedai Rakjat Djelata makes us more appreciative of the simplicities in life and that happiness doesn’t have to derive from the luxurious. So come and have a visit, have a drink, indulge in some snacks and share the moment with friends and loved ones. As we like to say in Indonesia Bahagia itu sederhana.

Outdoor Seatings

Kedai Rakjat Djelata

Jl. Dr. Sutomo No. 54