It’s Lotek, It’s So Good

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I’ve been eating one dish lately for three days in a row and it’s called Lotek. Lotek is one of the many dishes in Indonesia that uses peanut dressing. Let’s say, it’s our version of a salad. The funny thing is I’ve never truly liked food with any kind of peanut dressing, even Satay or Sate which pretty much one of the dishes that embodies Indonesian cuisine. But I love, love, love Lotek.

So, Lotek has simple ingredients like,

  • Spinach
  • Bean sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Asparagus
  • Peanut sauce (infused with brown sugar, salt and garlic)
  • Rice cake
  • Small-sliced cucumber
  • Small-sliced tomatoes
  • and my personal favorite: small-cut pieces of Bakwan (basically a fried vegetable fritter)

And all of that is served with crunchy onion crackers and by request you can make it spicy. Topped with a glass of Iced Tea, your stomach will feel so happy and it will definitely thank you. As a result of eating Lotek so much, my stomach feels so light after and my digestive system has never been better. That, is saying a lot.

Okay, looking at the ingredients again, I can see why I like it so much. It’s because of the delicious Bakwan. Even though it’s deep fried, the vegetables neutralizes it so you get the best of both worlds. It’s definitely food that you have to try when coming here especially if you’re not familiar with the peanut sauce dressing.

Food is such a simple yet exhilarating joy, never take it for granted.


  1. I do love the lotek!!! well, in my hometown there is also lotek but in different version of jogja’s lotek. especially the featuring of bakwan that isn’t exist in our lotek! we share the same indonesian palate, huh? :p

    love your blog, cemara!

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