It’s All Around

Where I was sitting.

I have always said that happiness is simple. Call it generic or cliche but that statement has rung true to me for as long as I can remember. It starts with seeing a smile from your loved ones everyday, a hug from your best friend, it can be found when you’re bundled up on a comfy chair in your room on a rainy day accompanied with a good book. Happiness can also be found in those wee hours of the night or morning where you accidentally wake up, but go back to sleep peacefully knowing that there’s still a few more hours left to go.

I felt that kind of happiness this week after an absolutely long day of classes. My mind was in a bust but as I sat on a bench overlooking the campus, I’m just so delightfully blown away by just how lucky I am. It’s been two years of studying in Gadjah Mada University, and I’m so blessed. Am in one of the greatest cities in Indonesia, studying something that I love… what more could a girl ask for? And that particular moment on a late Tuesday afternoon made me feel so content.

Took this picture once while waiting for a class on a sunny day. Above me was a tree who gave me the shade I needed.

The atmosphere in campus around that hour is just so pleasant. As I sat there I could see people playing football on the field shouting enthusiastically to another and the firm “thud”s of the ball being passed ringing in my ears. There were also others riding bikes, walking their dogs, jogging and with some of the couples sneaking loving looks at each other as they jogged. On top of that, there were also the lively thumping sounds of a percussion band practicing in one of the buildings but it sounded so rich in my ears and it was just so…..nice. Apologies for my for my lack of vocabulary there but that’s the word that could best describe that moment. It is a joy to be in Yogyakarta pursuing a university level education and you can see it in our faces. Being in has made me so much more comfortable with who I am and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to really cope with being away from this stunning city for too long.

While walking along campus grounds once.

But anyways, here is what I’m trying to say; don’t spend too much time wondering what happiness is. Of course there’s nothing wrong with crossing oceans and continents to find your happiness. But if you just take just a moment, and feel. Go outside on a sunny day, feel the heat of the sun touching your skin, on with your favorite outfit and spray your favorite perfume then spend time with your friends;

You will realize that it’s all around.