Instagram Worthy: Woodpecker Coffee

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If you want to fill up your Instagram of your coffee-shop endeavors, Woodpecker Coffee is a perfect starter. Its minimalist concept immediately captured me and surely any interior design addict. Located in Panglima Polim V street it is quite easy to spot being across from eateries like Mangia and Holy Gyu. It is smartly adorned with glass windows and doors that I’m just an obsessed hopeless romantic for natural light in indoor spaces. Entering the cafe, you will feel right at home because the ambience is just right with excellent choice of music that doesn’t distract you.

There are two separated areas where one is used for smoking meanwhile the main area is decorated with earthy colors and simple furnitures such as faux fur-lined stools and edgy cement floors. I also loved that they mixed different textures with a small marble plank placed on the cement table I was sitting in.  So refreshing and so effortless. I try very hard to not utilize this word but Woodpecker very much ticks off every category that correlates with “hipster”. Don’t believe me? Well you have to come and see for yourself.


Anyways, a typical order for me was of course a latte, accompanied with a nutella waffles while my mom had her classic long black and banana toffee waffles. The latte was very creamy yet it lacked a bit of the kick I wanted. Even though a latte is characterized by its more mild and subtle body, different from a cappuccino, I still do seek some kind of richness to it. Then again, every establishment acquires it own standards of procedure and since it is a Sunday, I just wanted to enjoy my break.


There were two servers, which will pleasantly greet you, a girl and a guy, just perfect for a petite cafe such as Woodpecker. Moreover, they have seemed to mastered their own level of synergy as our food and beverages were prepared quite swiftly yet precisely. Also, I took notice that the fridges are placed underneath the counter which keeps their only prepare station (and washing station as well) very clean, clutter free and professional-looking. You could see a strong passion in the work they’re doing which is a somewhat rare thing to find nowadays.


Alas, I feel like my first visit was only a tip of the iceberg (do excuse my metaphor) because the variety in menu still leaves you with so much more to explore. However, it gave off a strong first impression. So do pay a visit where you can enjoy free natural lighting to practice your photography skills and decent coffee.


Jl. Panglima Polim V No. 23
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160

Opening Hours: 7 AM – 09 PM

Price Range
Drinks (coffee, chocolate to cold-pressed juices): 20-70 k
Food: 12-45 k
All prices included with tax and service charge