In the Big City

So, life happened.

3 years, 4 months, then 59 pages of sweat and tears later, I managed to nestle in a literature degree after my name. Therefore, I can say with gratitude how amazing it feels to be able to achieve a big milestone in life that correlates with my passion that is words. Words upon pages, words that wrap around you so tight that you could barely let them fall from the edge of your lips.

Now I have found myself back in Jakarta, back in the big city. It means immersing myself in hazy 8 am traffic, and busy after-work rush hour, right along with those making and breaking it. Here, where some people find it lucky enough as home, and those, who sometimes has nothing but a choice to stay, to sustain a life and manage the future. Nevertheless! I will roll with the punches on this one, because this is just the beginning of everything and time waits for no soul.