…is now where I’m going to start and end my daily routines. If grasping a new rhythm in Jakarta was one thing, I’m now adjusting to a new one back in Bogor. Nevertheless, I’m feeling quite blessed beyond measure right now because, at the end of the day, I get to rest under a roof of a house my mother has passionately rebuilt. She’s also adjusting to a new set of habits right now while happily being away from Jakarta’s migraine-fueling traffic all the way in Alam Sutera, and I do hope that this will refresh us and help us grasp new outlooks on life.

Anyways, here’s what I’ve been loving so far about being back home, and how drastically different it is as opposed to Jakarta’s chaos.

1. Being home has given me opportunities to wake up earlier than before. Besides living on top of the equator which allows for earlier sunshine, the huge set of windows in my room is the biggest contribution to this beneficial habit. As a result, I’m usually up by 6 or 6.30 in the morning and head right for the shower.

2. All the natural light that I can get! A vision my mother and I always had was to maximize the use of windows as much as possible because all that sunlight brings life to our house.

3. Finally getting to use my motorbike to get to Bogor train station. This reminds me of all the years back in Jogja where a motorbike was the easiest mode of transportation. It’s also incredibly economical because of two factors. First of all, the motorbike has some sort of a fuel injection technology so I don’t have to fill up that often (in fact I haven’t been doing that for the almost 2 weeks that I’m home). Second, I’m not spending that much on Gojek rides anymore, except when I want to order some food.

4. Minimal makeup! Yes, I’m very pleased with this revelation. Despite all the time I have in the morning, my makeup routine is now more minimalist than ever, unlike the uni days where my makeup went on like icing on a cake. Eugh. Instead, I’m focusing more on actual skincare because pollution really does affect my skin quite dreadfully especially now that I’m full-on riding a motorbike.

5. So, with all the extra time, I can actually eat a decent breakfast of not just cereal, but bread and fruit as well (I’ve been obsessed with buttery avocados with Milo/Ovomaltine powder over them. I even have time to make some scrambled eggs this morning!

Overall, I’m cherishing these simple joys while it lasts during my time of getting that Master’s, while also gaining profound respect each and every day for those who commute back and forth between Bogor and Jakarta, particularly by train because that’s how I get to campus. Thankful, is what I am on how being home is doing wonders for my well-being, and that’s how I’m ending this post.

Thank you for reading, and see you on the next post!