Here’s To 2018

As we are approaching the end of December, it might be the time for some to list down resolutions which consist of what aspects of our lives need 365 more days to improve. But on the contrary, I’d like to take a little time to reflect because nowadays I feel like social media has given us this unrealistic need to measure how much of our year has been successful. I’m not here to be a bum but this time, I want to express how much I’ve been blessed this year. I’ve been blessed with the ability to pursue a masters’, blessed with a family, a roof over my head, a bed for me to lie on at the end of every day, food to eat, new friends, reconciliations, and simple moments of joy that I look back on with a smile.

Still, if there’s anything I’m particularly proud of this year, even though it took a little while, is the ability to stop this vicious cycle of comparison. I realized how everyone has different paths and their own pace in life, and we shouldn’t feel less of ourselves because of it. After some advice from a good friend, I plucked up the courage to do some filtering on social media. I pushed aside anything and anyone that made me feel less of myself. Does that sound selfish? Perhaps. But my friend said that it’s “being selfish for all the right reasons” because we need to be here for ourselves too.

So here’s to 2018, where I hope to fill each day with simple gratitude, faith and strength in the face of adversity.