Heaven in a Bowl


Who says the way to someone’s heart can’t be through food? Cause I sure fell in love with this quaint chicken noodle food stall just inside campus grounds.

A little bird told me about this divine bowl of noodle goodness, and they weren’t wrong at all. Running the stall are an elderly husband and wife with the help of another lady.


Stepping inside the stall I was immediately greeted warmly by the wife and I was so surprised at how agile she was. With her hair in a bun and an apron worn around her, the swift flicks of her hands after as she prepared the noodles was like art to me.

Then finally, as she presented the noodles to a hungry girl like me on a sunny afternoon, I was amazed. Just look at that. There it was. Delicious, fat noodles accompanied by pieces already seasoned and marinated chicken, vegetables, a side of crispies (made of flour) to give a crunch to your chews and an ice tea. After adding some sweet ketchup and chilli, I finally had a spoonful in my mouth and I think I tasted heaven.


I’ve had a lot of chicken noodles in my life but never this good, never this fulfilling and I could literally daydream about it in class. When I finally finished my meal, I realized once again we don’t really need to go to a fine dining restaurant to have a happy stomach. With less than 20000 Rupiahs or around 2 dollars out of my pocket, I could happily pat my stomach.

Is it that simple?

Oh yes.