Giyanti Coffee and Roastery


One cafe made it into the list of some of the best in the city. So we decided to try it out.

Giyanti Coffee and Roastery tastefully combines the traditional and modern that creates a fun ambiance to enjoy one’s coffee. It is tucked cleverly in the Menteng neighborhood, just across a row of fantastic antique items in Jakarta’s infamous Surabaya street. Therefore it definitely came as a surprise that this leafy cafe exists despite the many vehicles that park in front of it. Upon arriving, one would have to walk through a delightful brick-paved tunnel with fresh green vines crawling up the walls to finally emerge in a semi outdoor setting that is absolutely packed with people. No matter, there are air conditioners and humidifiers to keep you nice and cool.


Absorbing the surrounding, you will immediately notice the key features of the cafe. Fun wooden furnitures, cheeky signs plastered on the rustic walls and more perfectly messy vines!

Let’s talk about service. Despite how crowded it is, the staff will still take your orders patiently and the selection of beverages and food were just enough to not leave you flustered. Of course, there is no guessing on what I ordered right? So after making our choices inside, we ventured out to pick some seats. Yes, it was difficult to scoot among a lot of people and you might have to throw a couple of looks to finally sit where you want. However, the service did not disappoint and before we were annoyed, our coffee and a small plate of cheese brownies came.


The latte was served in a classic class, and a perfect golden-brown in color which is exactly what you want to see. Once you gulped down the latte, the kick of bitter is just right and the much-wanted velvety texture will blanket over your tongue so nicely. It was such a satisfaction that the sheer crowd of people didn’t seem to be a bother anymore. I may have to admit that it almost rallies up to the champion of a latte in Antipodean. The cheese brownies were also basically baked to goodness and the very buttery cheese amazingly matches the sweetness of the chocolate that I couldn’t help but savor.


To sum up the experience, a late afternoon coffee endeavor in Giyanti left a pleasant impression. Even though you will have to move your vehicle once in a while simply because of the crowd that lingers there, you will still be excited to go back to your good quality-coffee. Keep up the good work, Giyanti!


Giyanti Coffee and Roastery

Jl. Surabaya No. 20, Jakarta

Opening hours: Wednesday-Saturday @ 9:30 am to 17.30 pm

Latte: 38 k

Black Coffee: 35 k