Fillmore Coffee


This coffee sanctuary is tucked away in a private residence of Seven Suites. It is true that you will have to whiff through a small road with your vehicle and take a sharp left. However, you know when the gates have opened, that you are in for a treat. Rest assured. Within seconds, you will see the small, yet simple, rustic and all at the same time modern structure appear in front of you. If you are a photography junkie, there is no time to hesitate on where you want to sit, and that is where all the natural light comes in.



As the door open and close, who seem to be the cafe owners will greet and guide you through your choices. And since I was in quite the hurry, I ordered a cup of (this time) Cappuccino as sort of the basic variable. In other words, I wanted to try a classic order to give myself a rough estimate of what the rest of their drinks would taste like. Other examples would be trying the fried rice at a new Indonesian food joint because after all, that is the dish I would immediately correlate to my country’s cuisine.



Anywho, as my cup arrived, it doesn’t disappoint. The blend of espresso and milk were almost brewed to velvety goodness that completely engulfed my palette. There weren’t any empty spots from either too much water in the espresso or too much milk which in my opinion must be quite a challenge to do. However, Fillmore has prevailed. When you fancy a visit here, a recommendation would be their Gibraltar whom Randy Aliwarga explained with a gleam in his eye to be a single shot of espresso that is glazed with warm milk. As a result, what you would get snuggled in your hand is a softer take on a Piccolo. And when you’re not a number one fan of bitterness, I think an option of a Honey Latte is the drink for you.



Furthermore, their menu is not overwhelming and this is where a cafe joint deserves the tip of a hat as consistency is key to inviting more and more people in. Besides coffee, you can indulge in delicate and fulfilling pastries such as croissants and a hearty fruit smoothie bowl which is absolutely perfect. And what’s even better than the selection of food and beverages? It is their ambiance. Warm colors of the interior will invite you to stay a little bit longer to chat with friends, loved ones or resort yourself to a cozy corner by the window with a gripping book in hand. Alas, it is impossible not to feel so comfortable and focused at Fillmore.