Embrace the Weird

As far as modernization goes, our morning routines may not have been the same anymore. That may consist of strolling through our social media to get the freshest updates on those whom we know or don’t. I admit that I am one of those people but this morning I found one post on Instagram, from a girl who paints these cute pictures on paper and cuts them out to make beautiful, funky photographs. I came up upon one post that was so absolutely, most indefinitely, unbelievably relatable to me. In the post above, she claimed to be an Indigo child. But no, it wasn’t about being able to witness apparitions and whatnot, it was about knowing herself like the back of her hand, knowing what seems like weaknesses to other people to be something special for us. So she talked further about how it’s not easy for her to make fast friends, close friends because of her ability to know people’s personalities from first impressions. I thought to myself “Goodness, I’m not the only one”.

Almost all my life, I loved to bury my head in books, I would always have to fit them inside my bag, I was the shy one in the group, the quiet one. I also really loved sitting back and being a listener, to observe life, and I would always get so excited about new things very quickly, while quite frankly, almost out of normality compared to how people usually are. Furthermore, I wasn’t the smartest one in making fast friends and while I’m always trying to improve myself, there are times where I thought “is there something wrong with me?”. I tried hard to get out of the prison that was my own mind whenever I was lured that dungeon of a thought. So that simple post this morning was a reminder for me that those things aren’t weaknesses. That’s what makes you different, May. Now one may think “you’re just making excuses for yourself”, but hey! I’m an optimist and life’s too short to bring ourselves down over views, and mindsets of what is considered “normal” to the general public.

Embrace your uniqueness, embrace the weird inside you – and when those nasty voices and thoughts wrap around like thorned vines around your head: remember who you are and you’re not alone.

God made you exactly the way He wanted you to be…so who are we to doubt Him?

Embrace every single part of you.