Embrace Local Products

Cemara Dinda

Living in a still-developing country, along with how fast-paced everything seems to be – it is not a difficulty to be attracted to branded or foreign brands that provide people with a sense of modernity, and prestige really. Now now, it doesn’t mean that I don’t apply some aspects of my life to this fact or idea and I’m not condemning this kind of mindset or whatsoever. Yet, I am very aware that Indonesia is my home country, a ravishing archipelago of 18,000 or so islands, with a heck of a lot to offer. Therefore, I believe it is important to enjoy local products, as it helps the country’s economy and I think a lot of this “abroad-minded”ness is the public’s knowledge of the quality in the raw materials.

For example, I just received a beautiful gift; a pouch from a local brand called “Tulisan”, founded and created by Melissa Sunjaya. Tulisan means “writing” in general and from the dainty pamphlet that comes with it explains of how the brand is a reflection of her thoughts and emotions – accompanied by observing details of her surroundings. What a treat, because inspiration does come to us from the littlest details, only if we are more open to our sense.

Cemara Dinda

The result, are beautiful products adorned with illustrations that come in the form of bags, pouches, pencil cases and more. The stitches are well-sewn, and you will not be able to stop touching the embossed canvas material along with enjoying how pronounced the colors are.

My most favorite part about her handmade designs is the originality aspect, because when you see someone with a colorful charming bag thrown over their shoulder, you will always know. I salute Melissa for reaching that stage of her creative journey.

Alright, of course there are always two sides to the coin as her products will sometimes make us re-think about opening our wallets. My take on this is that of course, production cost is bound to be high, especially when originality is at stake which deters some locals.


But like I said, there are two sides. I believe that if I were to buy her products one day, I know it was worth it as I am contributing to the Indonesian economy, and appreciating just how this country is home to so many creative minds. I think that is a satisfaction like no other.

Cemara Dinda

So, wherever you are, do explore and take time to indulge and get to know your local products because you really are helping a lot of people.