…No matter how small, I believe they will return to us in amazing ways.

Earlier on today at work, I looked out the window to see the billowing of dark clouds that overshadow Jakarta’s skyscrapers. Without a commute with a roof on top, I swiftly gathered up my stuff, shoved them in my bag and ordered a Gojek, or let’s say an motorbike Uber. So, I said my see-you-tomorrow and headed down.

I usually walk on the overhead bridge crossing before catching up with my Gojek driver to head back home. So I quickly went my way there when I noticed an elderly woman with her friend, carrying quite the heavy load on plastic bags. So, I did what my able hands could and helped her. Though I couldn’t fight my curiosity, I asked her “Wow, what have you got here?” to which she replied with a beaming smile, “Ah, they’re sweet potatoes”

They can be prepared in numerous ways. Cut up into cubes, they could be friend to tender crispiness for a crunchy afternoon snack or even pureéd into a source of vitamins and nutrition for babies.

So, I helped her carry the heavy load because there is no way that I would let these women risk their healths by stumbling. 

As we reached down, a public Kopaja bus with its frail armor of steel already happened to be waiting, its conductor nasally shouting directions that the bus are heading to. My Gojek driver, was also casually perched on his bike. Before I could go, I asked her if she had extra money to go where she wanted. She nodded with a “Yes” but still, I offered her an amount to help her out, cause you never know what might happen. The sense of fulfilment that surged through me was amazing, just because of a simple deed. I’m not being naïve of course, it could be a harsh world out there and you should always be weary of all the tricky extents people would go to in fending for themselves. Nevertheless, it made my Monday that much more bearable and inspiring.