Dear June: A belated start


Dear June,

As you can see, the month after you has declared itself well, an internet sensation. But you are going to be an important month for me as I anxiously and giddily await what I hope to be good news. You are another part of the calendar in the process of welcoming this new¬†path in my life. Where 3 and a half years of knowledge, and lessons relentlessly catapult me into the “real world”. Whatever that may mean.

So, I’m writing you these letters to acquaint one to the other, before July squeezes you out. In fact, a renowned Indonesian poet has dedicated a set of pages with words that have been adored by so many, to none other than you and your occasional rainfall. And that, I can confirm, especially this afternoon. You had me gulp down a delicious cappuccino much too rapidly and rush back home. And when I dropped my belongings to look out the window, you had the sun playfully peeking through the clouds, and the water droplets were gone.

Were you trying to get my attention?

Anyways, I know that you will present me with even more challenges and new experiences and I will try and greet them gracefully.

So, here’s to you, June. Here’s to us.