Dear June #2


Dear June,

Sorry for the late letter, but I’m back now and I just want to let it out.

So, Limbo as defined in my laptop’s dictionary is “an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition.” As you can imagine, there is a lack of progress involved with this particular state of mind.

So, you have handed me…or, rather I have handed myself a series of unfinished tasks that I will bump to as I float about in the wind. However, I should have really started unfolding the pages of my plan B, C, and so on because no one’s going to hand me a silver spoon. So, stay with me June, I want you to be there when I scan the letter of announcement on Friday with my heart on my throat, and hold my hand to shake it or stroke it should the results be a disappointment. Now I am prepared for anything but this sort of gamble, is killing me… Anyways, all I have to do now is pray, tuck away all negativity tight inside a drawer, and adopt a cliche yet effective mantra; to hope for the best.