Malioboro Street

There’s a saying that a lot of people have been saying about this wonderful city that goes: “A bad day in Jogja is better than a good day anywhere else”. And after a two years experience, that has a definite ring of truth. It just doesn’t feel the same when you’re somewhere else as Jogja gives you a different kind of enjoyment that lasts, that stays with you and leaves you pondering before you go to sleep. No matter how bad of a day you’re having here, at the end of the night, blessed is all you feel for stepping foot in this sparkling city in Central Java.

So, to anyone living here, that quote can give them a pleasant strike in the heart. True, Jogja is now becoming more and more crowded even after just two years. But who could blame her? Above is a picture of the infamous Malioboro street on a weeknight. It’s lively, vibrant, expressive and just pulls people in. There one can find countless kiosks selling traditional products and crafts, tasty food stalls of classic savory Indonesian snacks to keep you energized, and the occasional performances and musicians entertaining people along the street.

One of many food kiosks/stalls along the street. There would also be musicians entertaining the diners.

Now, that is only Malioboro and that is not all Yogyakarta or Jogja, has in store. It has luscious beaches, gorgeous mountains, a beautiful palace, impeccable historical sights, a bustling art, culinary, and music scene. It’s a place where you can grow as a person and learn things that you wouldn’t have if you weren’t here. It’s where you can reach for the stars, and if luck were in your way, it is a place where you can fall in love. In a day, you can watch the sunrise in Borobodur, then maybe enjoy a sunny breezy afternoon on the beach and end it all with a fulfilling dinner at one of the many places in town. And after all of that, it’s still not enough. That’s what makes it special.

It is where you will always come back to.

Yogyakarta is a culture.

Dare to explore?