On Friends

So recently, I met one of my best friends, Briana. Now we’ve been there for each other since day one – of university¬†life, that is. It was the time where we were about to discover who we really are and who we wanted to be in the future – even if it still seems a little bit uncertain up til’ now. And that’s okay, really. It was during our faculty orientation, and we were all seated in a line. She stood out with her short bob and that tomboy gait so I decided to talk to her. From one casual ‘hi!” we ended up having so many things in common such as our addiction to Pretty Little Liars (come on, I know it was a series you couldn’t get enough […]

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The Moment

Taken with Fujifilm Qcam Film: Agfavista 400

Singapore. How it held too many memories. Back in the day it was a place my parents and I frequented and I’d always become so excited to go there, even if it was simply enjoying all the duty-free chocolates I wanted at the airport. This time, I came back to visit my cousin who’s working there at the general hospital and it’s been ages since we’ve all bonded. I was back, from the sugar-craving little kid (part of me still is) – from the girl who basically ran around the airport looking for the latest book in the Twilight saga, to a 23-year-old¬†who’s now trying to build a life for herself. Yes, I still am that girl, and I don’t think we ever fully stop building. There will be more […]

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Content Creator of the Month: Lizzy Hadfield

Copyright: Lizzy Hadfield

For a while, this blog has been a place for me to spill all my musings, particularly over the simple ordinary joys in life we tend to overlook. However, I’ve never exactly talked about other bloggers that I have come across and full-blown inspired me. Although, that inspiration sometimes don’t quite paint a pretty picture. More often than it probably should, I would unhealthily compare myself to them. Creatively, I mean. I would think of my writing as shallow and lifeless compared to theirs and the success that it has brought them. It took a really long while for me to get out of that rut and realized that it’s never going to do me any good. However,

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