The Joy of Walking

Taken with Fujifilm Qcam Film: Agfavista 400

Do you know what has been a source of joy for me lately? Walking! Yes, it recently dawned on my how therapeutic this effortless action is. You barely think about it yet it’s incredibly tedious for some, even if you don’t want it to be when you live in a chaotic city like Jakarta. However, going back to university has refreshed everything for me, topped with the insane amount of walking I had in Singapore. Everything there was within reachable distance both by public transport such as buses, the MRT and by foot. On top of that, we were actually supported by a conducive environment to walk around! Heading to bus stations and the MRT required so much of walking and when we first arrived, I was panting and sweating […]

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A New Chapter: The Postgrad Life!

When one door closes, another one has opened up new opportunities for me, such as pursuing a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies at Universitas Indonesia. Yes, I’ve decided that I’m so ready to go back to school and be a full-time student. Now, would I have liked to continue working? Of course. But really, when is ever “the right time” to do something? If you feel a new opportunity coming along, I say go for it. Is this scaring me? Oh you bet it does. There have been one too many accounts of me doubting myself; that I could even finish a Master’s within 2 years, that I could somehow change the world with only my love for literature. Then, I came across this video of Will Smith (yes) talking […]

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Bajo. (2)

That particular day, we set off rather late from our hostel in Labuan Bajo. This might either be because by some blissful ignorance or that good of a sleep (I was top bunk but man that 4 hour┬áslumber was actually one of the best I’ve had), all 70 of us forgot that there ain’t gonna be a cute little shuttle bus waiting to pick us up to go to the harbor! So, I took that well-loved Eiger backpack on my shoulders and we walked through the chilly 6 o’clock seaside morning. Countless diving centres were opening, the owners greeted each other and I saw one tourist with her tousled hair sipping some tea outside one of the centres┬áthat were also a hostel. Despite the weight on my back, it was […]

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